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Who can resist a small, spunky parrot with a heart of gold?  Cockatiels are charming, affectionate little birds, the smallest member of the cockatoo family and one of the world's most popular companion parrots.  Since they are relatively quiet as compared to other parrot species, they can usually be kept safely in an apartment without disturbing the neighbors.  They are gentle enough for children to handle under adult supervision.  They are very easy-going and will get along with other birds.

Once you have decided to welcome a cockatiel into your home, you will need toys to keep him amused.  My cockatiels prefer toys they can shred like pinatas and they also like anything they can chew on.

The trick to a successful mixed aviary is to keep all birds roughly the same size.  Ixchel, the nanday conure shown here is the largest bird I have and she has a very mellow personality.  You can read more about her on our sister site, Conure Mania.  The quaker is Chaska, my little diva and you can read more about her on our sister site, Quaker Mania.  You also want to make sure there is plenty of space so the birds don't feel crowded and have plenty of toys to choose from and several feeding stations so all get their turn.  Give all birds personal attention so they feel secure.  The advantage of a communal aviary is that they always have company when you are away and are less susceptable to behavioural issues such as plucking and screaming as they have friends to play with.  Parrots do not like to be alone, they are hard-wired to be flock creatures.

It is wise to have your cockatiel checked by an avian vet when you first bring him home and especially if you have other birds as you want to ensure he is free from any diseases that could harm your other birds.  Advertisements for reputable breeders can be found in magazines published by bird clubs such as Parrot Society of Australia and magazines sold on news stands such as Bird Talk, Australian Birdkeeper and Parrots (UK).  There are also many cockatiels in rescues who need homes, you can find several reputable rescues on the Perch.Net's rescue section.  See the LINKS page to the left for further details.

This website is a growing project and pages will be added to periodically.  I hope you enjoy meeting my wonderful cockatiels and their Aussie cousins, the Princess Parrots! 

Our parent site, Feathered and Free has a lot more details for those who are interested in eco-tourism and parrot conservation.  For up-to-date information, it is best to join a reputable message board or forum such as The Perch for pet birds or Feathered and Free if your interest is seeing parrots in the wild. 

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