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Meet My Cockatiels

Tiki joined our family in July, 2001.  His name refers to the Tiki gods of Polynesia and has given me my internet name "Tiki" by which I am known on several message boards.  He is a normal grey cockatiel but because of his babies, we know he is split to several mutations like pied and pearl.  We aren't sure how old he is, but he was sexually mature enough to quickly woo and win both the female cockatiels we had at the time.  Sadly, we lost them both in 2004 to egg binding.  In October 2003, Tiki became the father of Maui and one other little guy who didn't make it past 4 days.  Tiki was an excellent father, taking primary care of Maui and 5 other babies in January, 2004.  It's shocking how little I knew about birds back then!    I never meant to breed birds, but the birds had their own ideas!   The photos below of Tiki feeding the babies while I held them in my hand was the closest thing I knew to hand-feeding at the time so I am glad Tiki was a good daddy! 

Tiki is our oldest bird and the patriarch of the aviary.  We had to rehome his two daughters and two of his sons because he was having "unfatherly" relations with them (also a bit of "unbrotherly" relations with sisters) and thought it best to let them go on to be breeders with unrelated birds.   Tiki can talk if he wants to, says "Hello Baby" and wolf whistles.


Maui was born a pearl cockatiel to father Tiki and mother Ariki (RIP) in Oct, 2003.  He grew up as an only child, reared by his parents and spoiled by me.  As is normal, Maui molted his pearl colouring at about 10 months of age and is now a normal grey cockatiel with a distinctive yellow "split" patch on his neck which means he is also split to pied.  Although most people think he was named after a Hawaiian island, the name Maui is actually a Polynesian god who is desribed in legends as having pulled the island Avaiki up from the sea with a hook.  He is still a "Mama's boy" to this day.   He is a gentle soul and likes to spend his days relaxing on the cargo net looking out the window at backyard birds or occasionally playing with his favourite toys.   He sometimes hangs out with Tjinimin the princess parrot but mostly, he hangs out with his father, Tiki.  He can wolf whistle and say "What are you doing?"


Manu was a rehome who came to us at around 2 years of age in Dec, 2002.  His name means "bird" in most Polynesian lanuguages.  He is a very angelic looking lutino cockatiel and he is bonded to Shaka.  Manu is the most talkative of all the tiels and he actually taught the other boys most of the words they know.  He is the best mimic and often imitates backyard birds.  He says "What are you doing?"  "Hello Baby"  "Bad boy" and wolf whistles.   He's a very cuddly little guy and loves to have his cheek patches scratched.


Shaka is Tiki's son by his second wife, Taina (RIP) and was born in Jan, 2004.  He is a pied mutation cockatiel.  He was cheeky from the beginning, the first one to find his wings (that's him in the banner) and full of personality!  Many people think he was named after Shaka Zulu, but he was actually named after the Hawaiian "Shaka" hand gesture which signifies the "hang loose" Aloha spirit.  Shaka is very bonded to Manu and gets very upset if Manu is taken out to be weighed or go someplace out of sight.  He isn't as snuggly as Manu but if I am holding Manu, Shaka will come right away and sit on my shoulder.

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